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Drawstring bag manufacturer teaches you to drawstring bag by hand

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  • January 01, 2019

In the previous article, we also talked about how to make a drawstring bag, but that is a small velvet drawstring bag, today, the drawstring bag manufacturers are here to share with you how to make a large drawstring bag.

First, you need to prepare a piece of cloth, the color and pattern of the cloth can be chosen according to your preferences.Pull drawstring bag manufacturer to remind you, also can draw a few designs on cloth, more individuation.


drawstring bag manufacturer


Secondly, you can make any size you like.Use a square of three or four inches and add pockets inside to make a small drawstring bag for carrying jewelry.Or use an eight - or nine-inch square to make a large wallet.I think seven and a half inch squares are the perfect size for a lunch bag.

To make the bag stronger, you need a piece of fabric square and place the square at the bottom, sewn together in the middle of the cloth.

You can also add pockets to partially or fully lined squares.Do this immediately after joining the parts together and stitching them together.

Of course, you should put together the fabric at will.Simple four-piece pieces work well here, or use your imagination to go crazy.


 drawstring bag manufacturer teaches you to drawstring bag by hand


Sew the opening and continue to sew the top to the top of the bag.Pull down the lining and straighten the top seam when sewing.

Now run the rope or ribbon through all the labels and tie the ends together.Then another wire of the same length starts and ends on the other side of the first wire.Put on the second strap and your bag is finished.You can tie ropes to a bow or use them as a handle to carry your bag.

All right, that's all for today. If you want to know more about how to make drawstring bags, you can read other articles of drawstring bag manufacturers.



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