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9 ways to make jewelry often wear new (Third)

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  • December 15, 2018

9 ways to make jewelry often wear new (Second)


7, jewellery pouch supplier recommended attention to jewelry wearing order

When wearing claw-set jewels or rings, it should be prevented from hooking up to clothes and purses. If the clothes are hooked, the main stone will not fall immediately. In general, the order in which the jewels are worn is that the jewellery should be worn after the clothes are worn. Imagine wearing a claw-studded diamond ring on your hand, then dressing and wearing stockings. Is it a risk for clothing, stockings and gemstones?

There are many kinds of jewellery inlays, the most secure and not hooked to the clothes, the inlays are wrapped, but the wraps enclose the entire waist, making the light inaccessible, and because k gold is used more, so the vision The role is not as attractive as the claws, so the most popular in the jewelry market today is still claw-set; but pay attention to the order of wearing.


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8, the magical use of small jewelry bags

You can hear that some people take their jewels on the sink when they wash their hands, accidentally fall on the floor, or slip into the drain; or forget to have things on the sink, but this is not a bad thing, but this is not the case. The crisis can be prevented.
When you buy jewelry, the jewelry store will send you a small jewelry box, put the jewelry inside, make the jewelry look beautiful and beautiful. After many people take out the jewels, the jewel box is placed in the drawer of the house without using it. This is a pity. In fact, this small jewelry box has its own magical effect. It is compact and does not occupy the local area. It can be carried with you. When you go out to wash your hands, you can remove the ring and put it into the jewelry box. If you develop this kind of habit, you can greatly Drop the chance of losing a jewelry ring. So don't bother, bring a small ring box with you!

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9, time and careful inspection of jewelry

Busy modern consumers are usually busy picking up the jewels after they go home, putting them in a jewel box, and then taking them out when they want to use them. The jewels are recycled like this, and you may have little effort to check it. Taking more time to look after your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis. For example, is the diamond in the jewelry stable and not loose? Is the pearl necklace tied tightly? Is the elasticity of the clip-on earring center card lock reduced? Or is the screw touched badly? ……and many more.




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