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What is the difference between a cotton bag and a linen bag?

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  • May 14, 2018

Maybe everyone thinks that cotton bags and canvas bags are the same material? In actual fact, although their raw materials are all made of pure cotton, they are easily degraded in the natural environment and will not pollute the environment. However, they also differ in that they are generally thicker than cotton bags. Here are the characteristics of these two kinds of bags:

First, the cotton bag: The material of the cotton bag is a kind of woven fabric made of cotton yarn. The different varieties are derived due to the different specifications of the tissue and the different processing methods. The concept of cotton is very wide. It can be said that all raw materials that are spun from cotton yarn can be called cotton cloth.
However, when it comes to understanding everyday life, it is generally believed that cotton is made from a single, relatively fine cotton yarn. It has the characteristics of softness, moisture absorption, breathability, and warmth. Its drawbacks are that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle. The types of cotton cloth are very wide, and common fabrics are plain cloth, poplin, hemp yarn, twill, thread, velveteen, and corduroy. Cotton cloth is a necessity for people's daily life. It is widely used in clothing, bedding, interior products, interior decoration, packaging, industrial, medical, and military.

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Second, the canvas bag: canvas bag material is a relatively thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric, canvas bag most of the specifications of the yarn than the average cotton yarn coarse. As early as the 8th century, Europeans used to make sails and named "canvas." At present, as far as the domestic market is concerned, because raw materials are relatively small, we generally think that cotton is used as a raw material, so we can say that canvas is also one of the major categories of cotton.

The biggest difference between canvas and cotton is that the warp and weft yarns of the canvas are composed of 2 or more strands, while the cotton is mostly single stranded. This leads to a rougher appearance of the canvas bag and a finer cotton bag. In addition, plain weave is generally used for canvas, and twill weaving is rarely used, which also brings convenience for distinguishing between canvas and cotton cloth. Because the canvas is multi-strand weaving, the texture is firm, wear-resistant, and dense, and the canvas is strong and strong and has good waterproof properties, so the canvas is widely used in bags, clothing, footwear, automobile transportation, luggage and other industries.

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