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What is the velvet bag drawstring?

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  • May 17, 2018

The velvet bag drawstring is a bag-shaped container made of flannel as the main raw material. It is mainly used in the packaging of valuables such as gold jewelry, jewelry and precision electronic consumer goods. Therefore, the velvet bag is also called jewelry bag, jewelry bag and so on.
velvet bag drawstring
Drawstring bag DrawString can be divided into nylon velvet bag, knitted velvet bag, silk bottom velvet bag, cotton velvet bag, plush bag, velveteen velvet bag, etc., depending on the material; the velvet bag can be divided according to the method of bag mouth lock rope, and can be divided into It is a double drawstring velvet bag and single velvet bag.

Customized velvet bag drawstring materials are mainly nylon bottom velveteen, knitted bottom velveteen, cotton velveteen, double-faced velvet, plush and so on. These are the most commonly used, and there are other less used flannel materials: beaded velvet, gem velvet, electronic velvet, suede and so on. The velvet bag is reusable and environmentally friendly. It is also a kind of eco-friendly bag. As the living standards of the people are getting higher and higher, the demand for precious metal jewelry and jewellery is increasing. The demand for and use of velvet bags is growing.
velvet bag drawstring
Why is the velvet bag drawstring more and more popular? Mainly because the velvet bag drawstring has the following characteristics:

First, practical performance is good. The velvet bag material can withstand various printing processes such as screen, hot stamping, hot silver, embroidery, thermal transfer, etc. It can print various pattern letters on the bag surface, enrich the product content, and make the appearance of the product fit for application.

Second, lightweight and portable. The material of the velvet cloth is light and the quality of the sewn cloth bag is light; the use of the tying method of the tying ropes is flexible, convenient and exquisite.

Third, the velvet bag drawstring soft feel, flexibility and wear resistance, the product can play a very good protection, and durable.

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