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Custom cotton drawstring pouch production process?

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  • July 07, 2018

After receiving a custom cotton drawstring pouch order, the first choice is the fabric, the good fabric can add a lot of light to the production of green shopping bags, the fabric should first choose the kind of surface has no faint, the vertical and horizontal tension difference is small, the feel must be Harder non-woven fabric. The weight of the fabric is chosen to be practical.

Custom cotton drawstring pouch sometimes chooses the surface of the fabric to be shiny. The surface of the fabric is shiny, so that it is ready for later printing, one is good printing, and the other one is printed very well. In this way, the overall effect will be very prominent, such a shopping bag to take out, will certainly be popular with consumers.

custom cotton drawstring pouch

Sometimes custom cotton drawstring pouch chooses the fabric to be harder. The harder fabric can stand up and stand up, highlighting the overall feeling of the green shopping bag. It is very practical. When I shop, I put a certain weight of the object and it will not break. Safe and practical, this is the standard for shopping bags.
Similarly, the custom cotton drawstring pouch requires a small difference in the vertical and horizontal pull of the fabric, in order to ensure that the shopping bag has excellent performance in terms of weight bearing.
print. Usually it is screen printing, because it is a piece of pure hand-printing, so his speed and progress will be slower than the machine printing, of course, the cost will be higher than the machine printing, but it The advantages are also obvious, can be printed in a small amount, and the error rate is relatively low.
Custom cotton drawstring pouch When printing, pay attention to the printed text, the pattern should have a good fullness, and the size of the grasp should be able to highlight the effect of the entire shopping bag.

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