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How does velvet used in drawstring bags develop?

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  • Jimmy at
  • October 30, 2019

When we wholesale the drawstring bag, we will use a material called velvet, and the velvet used the drawstring bag, which is called the velvet bag. Then, how does the velvet here develop?


The origin of velvet was ancient China. In the Yuan Dynasty, there was a famous "Silkian" shearing. It was mass produced in the Ming Dynasty and sold to Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands, Singapore and other countries, especially by Japanese people. The velvet material uses 22-30 grade A raw silk, and also uses silk as the warp, and the cotton yarn is the weft interlaced "ground". Use a silk or rayon to make a loop.


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The velvet in the velvet bag is extremely versatile. It can be applied to jewelry boxes, jewelry bags, wooden boxes and other products. Because the velvet stands tightly, the color is elegant, the fabric is firm and wear-resistant, it is not easy to fade, the rebound strength is good, and the hand feel is excellent, which makes the velvet application very much.

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In these years, our company's velvet rope bag is also made of velvet material. The velvet bag is not only good-looking, but also very durable. It is also very good when touched by hand. To know our products, click the button: Velvet bag wholesale