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Custom logo jewelry pouch How to improve the success rate of proofing?

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  • June 15, 2018

The customer provides the finished product sample color, provides PT color number, hot stamping paper color and other requirements. If you do not have a lot of color reserves to provide custom logo jewelry pouch samples will be greatly reduced the time, so said to reserve qualifications and reserves of gold foil paper manufacturers to do their own strong backing, fast color fast to provide samples.
Custom logo jewelry pouch Change in substrate and bronzing area
          It is common for customers to frequently change the material and bronzing area of the custom logo jewelry pouch. For example, the original is coated paper, and embossed pearl paper is now used. The bronzing color does not change. The original foil paper cannot meet the needs of existing substrates. The problem is not solved. Therefore, the assessment of foil stamping paper manufacturers cannot be limited to more colors alone. It is also considered that foil stamping papers with different release and adhesive types are more secure.

Custom logo jewelry pouch the importance of in-depth understanding of a large number of spots inventory
      Improve the success rate of gold stamping paper custom logo jewelry pouch proofing, consultation is also very critical, simple to provide custom logo jewelry box samples often success rate is not very high, need to consult the contents of: bronzing substrate (hot velvet provide ordinary gold foil paper It's not alright), hot stamping area (hot stamping with a large area is also wrong), pre-bronzing process (embossed and non-embossed), post-bronzing process (whether after the hot process such as hot After a series of related contents such as film and UV), the success rate of the proofing will be very high.

Custom logo jewelry pouch hot press
       The custom logo jewelry pouch samples that are often provided in reality cannot meet the needs of customers. What should we do? The gold Hot Stamping Paper Factory does this. Customers are requested to provide the gold foil color, provide the substrate and hot stamping area, and gold Color owns the color. , off type, plastic type and many other options. Our company tested the gilding effect for free, and the same day we received the sample on the same day, the results were returned on the same day. After confirmation by our technical staff, we delivered the samples along with the test results and custom logo jewelry pouch gilding paper samples to the customers. This practice has been highly appreciated and recognized by many customers, greatly improving the success rate of proofing.

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