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9 ways to make jewelry often wear new (First)

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  • December 15, 2018
  Jewelry is a lure that women can't resist for life. However, if jewelry is worn for a long time, it will lose its original luster, but swollen it can make the jewelry shine like new. The following jewellery pouch supplier simply share about jewelry wear. And the nine aspects of clean maintenance and the corresponding precautions, I hope to help us to send girls gifts.

jewellery pouch supplier

1, jewellery pouch supplier believes that cleaning jewellery with toothpaste is not a good cleaning method

There is a saying in the jewelry circle: using a toothbrush to rub the jewels with toothpaste, the jewels that can be used look bright and new. Cleaning jewellery is probably good, but using toothpaste is not good, because the toothpaste is rich in fine, high-hardness abrasive particles. These particles are very fine, but the hardness is as high as six or seven degrees (same as crystal), so they are cleaned with toothpaste. Jewelry will damage the appearance of gems that are lower than the hardness of the crystal, especially pearl, gold and k gold appearance; pearls will certainly prevent, the most correct cleaning solution should be diluted neutral surfactant (such as salad, baby shampoo) .


jewellery pouch supplier


2, jewellery pouch supplier suggest not to often touch

Jewelry can be kept clean on the body. It seems that it is not simple. Many people see that the jewelry is beautiful and attractive. This can't help but touch the surface of the gem. This method will affect the luster and brightness of the gem.
From time to time, the human body secretes sweat and oil on the skin. The hand is the simplest touch on the body part. Therefore, the oil on the skin is often infected with the appearance of the hand. When the gemstone is touched by hand, the oil on the hand is very simple to stay in the gem. Above, and affect the luster and brightness of the gem. In particular, diamonds are attributed to lipophilic gemstones, which are simple to infect oily and greatly affect gloss. However, the jadeite jade is attributed to the layout of the aggregate, and often touching it can make the jade more moist and affectionate.


3, jewellery pouch supplier feels that tap water harms pearl luster

Some people wear a few pearls in the future and want to clean and maintain them. They don't know that using tap water for short cleaning has little effect on jewelry, but if it is used to soak pearls, it is absolutely impossible. Because there is a fixed amount of chlorine (c1) in the tap water, it will endanger the luster of the pearl. In fact, the pearl should be the most ambitious of mineral water.

Others wear pearls and wash them before going to the bank's safe deposit box to prevent the dust from being discolored in the future. However, the bank safe deposit box for keeping cash and documents, because of the low relative humidity, its storage conditions are compared with jewels that are not suitable for tidal characteristics such as pearls. Therefore, it must be taken out at intervals, soaked in water and compensated for humidity.



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