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How to pack your travel jewelry

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  • February 19, 2019

Jewelry can be a nightmare for packaging when traveling. Jewelry is not easy to break, and some parts are easily lost. Especially the length necklace is easy to knot. It seems that carrying jewelry while traveling is not easy. In this article, jewelry packaging manufacturer Boyang will share with you the solution to these problems.


velvet drawstring pouch


How to package these jewellery:

Traveling with a necklace is hard. These naughty little guys like to wrestle and tangled themselves into a mess.

Solution: velvet jewelry bag or paper necklace box.

Use a small drawstring bag or put the ring into one of the drawstring jewelry bags. If you are traveling with one of them, please organize your ring into a jewelry roll or organizer.


Roll up the towel or towel and slide the bracelet over the rolled towel. Insert the entire towel (with bracelet) into the drawstring bag to prevent any bracelet from smashing.


velvet drawstring pouch


If you don't carry a velvet bag, you can also use a paper jewelry box, a small paper jewelry box, easy to carry, soft inside, can fix your earrings, and protect your earrings from wear and tear.


No matter what jewellery, as long as you want to pack them, jewelry packaging manufacturers will have the means to choose the best jewellery bags or jewellery boxes to make travel more enjoyable.


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