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Jewelry pouch custom must be seen!Customized packing box text pattern processing techniques.

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  • June 05, 2018

Many customers did not understand jewelry pouch's writing, LOGO, and pattern processing techniques during the jewelry pouch custom. In fact, it means printing logos, patterns, or text on jewelry pouch to make the product more attractive or more descriptive. In general, the customized jewelry pouch quotation needs to be quoted according to the customer's demanding process. What are the processing techniques of the jewelry pouch?

1, hit convex, embossed

  Compression and embossing are also called embossing. The pressure creates a local change in the printed object to form a jewelry pouch pattern. It uses a concave-convex mold to plastically deform the base of the jewelry pouch under a certain pressure. In this way, the surface of the jewelry pouch custom is artistically processed. Divided into cheap ordinary corrosion version and expensive laser engraving two.

Jewelry pouch custom
2, hot stamping

  Hot stamping is commonly known as hot stamping and hot silvering. Heat the metal plate and apply the foil. Embossed gold, silver words or patterns on the surface paper of jewelry pouch custom. With the rapid development of hot stamp foil and packaging technology, the application of aluminum foil stamping is more and more widely used. It is the most commonly used technique of jewelry pouch custom.

3, UV

  UV is an abbreviation, full name UV transparent oil, is to rely on ultraviolet irradiation to dry curing ink. The text on the face of the jewelry pouch custom is printed with a text pattern and a layer of varnish (bright, matt, inlaid crystals, glitter, etc.) is added. Its function is to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the text design and LOGO. The surface of the product is high in hardness, corrosion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. However, UV products are not easily bonded. Some of them can only be solved by local UV or polishing. The latest UV technology is 3D stereo UV, which has achieved the jewelry pouch custom surface bump, touch, bright, reverse UV, frosted, similar to the hot effects of hot silver, greatly increased the ornamental pouch.
Jewelry pouch custom

4, color printing

  Color printing is a method of copying images or texts in color by means of jewelry pouch. It is divided into spot color printing and multi-color printing.

5, film

  Laminating is to press a layer of transparent plastic film on the printed tissue, including a crystal film, a light film and a matt film.

6, die-cutting

  Die-cutting is a cutting process for jewelry pouch post-processing. The die-cutting process can make the face paper, bottom cover or other paper products into a die-cutting knife plate according to a pre-designed pattern for cutting. Die-cutting makes the jewelry pouch The shape is no longer limited to right-angled right angles.

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