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Make Pet Hammock with pouch.

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  • June 13, 2018
Place the Hanging Loops on the most Piece of the Pet Hammock Lay the fully sewed along (and right sides out) hammock on your surface. If you've got 2 completely different colors or patterns, the aspect facing up can eventually become the skin of the finished hammock.
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Feed the strips for the hanging loops through your clips. Lay the hanging loops on the hammock as shown within the ikon (the loops and clips ought to be towards the within whereas the loose ends ar hanging over the sting of the hammock). The hammock ought to be roughly divided into thirds in your mind if the loops ar positioned properly however don't fret concerning their precise placement (you will twiddle the position of the hanging loops later on).

Fold One aspect of the Hammock Over the Hanging Loops Fold one aspect of the hammock over one set of hanging loops.

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Fold the Second aspect over the opposite Hanging Loops Fold the second aspect over the second set of hanging loops in order that the pleated in elements overlap a touch.
Tip: a 1 to 2 in. overlap (as shown within the photo) can build AN "easy access" pouch whereas a biggeroverlap can build a additional enclosed pouch.
Stitch on 2 Sides of the Pet Hammock sew on each side of the hammock (shown by the yellow line), across the folds. For a bit adscititious strength, back sew well at every finish and over the hanging loops.
Grasp the gap of the Pouch to show the Hammock Right aspect Out Grasp the gap of the pouch to open the hammock and switch the full issue right aspect out.

The Final Product: A homemade Pet Hammock with a Pouch Voila! 

a simple homemade pet hammock with a comfy pouch.

Tip: For pets that do not do hammocks however like sleeping pouches (like hedgehogs and guinea pigs or maybe rats and ferrets that like solid ground), you may merely skip the hanging loops and build a pouch that sits on the bottom.
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