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How can the jewelry industry increase product value from the aspect of pouch jewelry?

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  • June 08, 2018
As a high-end consumer product, jewelry is often given or collected, so the role of the pouch jewelry is even more important. The basic requirements for the pouch jewelry are to be able to express the noble, elegant and artistic qualities of the product. There are also more detailed requirements: the pouch jewelry must have characteristics: for example, the box is also a diamond ring, and some companies have their own ingenuity. The box is designed to represent the company's mascot, which is both beautiful and diverse, but also highlights the company's image. The sale of these jewelry boxes and jewelry together gives the product features.
pouch jewelry factory
pouch jewelry choice of materials to be fine, workmanship to be fine
As a pouch jewelry, it should be soft, durable, and firm. Paper, cloth, plastic, leather, etc. are the pouch jewelry materials used by many manufacturers. Jewelry of different grades and materials (Jade and Caibao) can use different materials to make pouch jewelry. The style of the box should be matched with the style of the jewelry bag. The workmanship must be fine.

pouch jewelry style should be changed
The concept of people's consumption is constantly changing and the pouch jewelry cannot be changed. It is necessary to meet changes in consumer demand.
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pouch jewelry is best to use more than one thing
A well-designed package, in addition to being used as a product package, can also be used to decorate shop windows or display displays, and even other practical uses.

Product differentiation strategy
It refers to how to make the company's products stand out from other similar products. It has distinct personality and is more attractive than similar products, including: brand differentiation, service differentiation, quality differentiation, distribution channel differentiation, and intellectual property differentiation. Diversify pricing.

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