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The origin and function of canvas bag.

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  • June 05, 2018

The source of canvas bag.The material of canvas bag is biodegradable and environment friendly.Canvas bag is hard to promote because of its high cost.

Canvas bag,as the name implies, made of canvas material.After declaring plastic bag limited in 2008,people advocate environment friendly packaging bag,canvas bag gradually go into human daily life.Furthermore,designers add some fashion elements into canvas bag,canvas bag become more and more popular.
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Canvas bag is relatively environment friendly,its material come from nature and can be biodegradable.The only demerit of canvas bag is its cost.Canvas bag cost reversely high and hard to push.

As we known,the durable and firmness of canvas bag is over higher than nonwoven bag.However,from the view of cost performance,canvas bag cost is high,do not appropriate push in the widely area.Canvas bag is not so more popular than nonwoven bag.

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