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What are the most commonly used materials for flannel bags?

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  • March 05, 2020

Flannel bags are used a lot in packaging. The characteristics of flannel cloth are very soft, which can well protect the product from friction, especially velvet bags, which can protect valuable jewelry from being worn. What are the most commonly used flannels in packaging?


What are the most commonly used materials for flannel bags


1. Flat fluff
The flat fluff is woven with a pile structure and then cut and finished. The surface has dense, flat, towering and shiny fluff, so it is called plain pile. Warp and weft yarns for velvet are made of high-quality cotton yarns. Flat fluff is full and flat, with a thick texture, soft touch, soft gloss, abrasion and durability, good warmth, elasticity, and is not easy to wrinkle. According to the different pile yarns, they are divided into warp velvet (cut warp velvet) and weft velvet (cut weft velvet). It is not advisable to scrub vigorously when washing flat velvet, so as not to affect the plumpness and flatness of the fluff.
2. Velvet
Velvet is the name of a silk fabric that forms a loop or pile on the surface of a fabric. Using mulberry silk as raw material can also use mulberry silk as warp, cotton yarn as weft intertwined ground tissue, mulberry silk or rayon pile loop. When weaving each of the four yarns, weaving a pile rod (fine iron wire), when weaving to a certain length (about 20 cm), that is, cutting on the machine along the wire with a cutting knife, the iron wire leaves the fabric, and becomes wool velvet. This plush is designed according to the pattern, so that the pattern can be clearly displayed on the satin surface and shiny. Therefore, velvet bags are mainly used to store valuable jewelry products.


What are the most commonly used materials for flannel bags


3. Flocking cloth
Flocking is a physical feature that uses the same charge of the opposite sex to attract the opposite sex, so that the fluff is negatively charged, and the object to be flocked is placed at zero potential or ground. Accelerated flying to the surface of the object that needs flocking. Because the plant body is coated with an adhesive, the fluff is vertically adhered to the plant body. Therefore, electrostatic flocking is a new production process that uses the natural characteristics of electric charges.
The above three are the most commonly used flannel materials in production. The types of flannel are tufted fabric, polyester silk fabric flannel, knitted fabric flannel, cotton fabric flannel, velvet fabric flannel, warp-knitted fabric flannel, loop velvet, Super soft plush cloth, short plush cloth, winter general cotton fabric velvet cloth, velvet, short plush cloth, etc., it plays a very important role in our lives, but it is relatively rare in the bag industry.




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