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What you need to know about custom drawstring bags

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  • January 20, 2022

The great thing about a drawstring bag is its versatility. You can choose your preferred materials, colors, and designs to suit everyday tasks various occupations, and various stored items. Even better, choose a heavy-duty material for custom drawstring bags, they can easily be valuable companions and keep your jewelry safe from damage!


That said, we firmly believe that custom drawstring bags have a place in the promotional printed products industry. However, before succumbing to demand and buying any package, consider their pros and cons to check if your business can actually benefit from them.


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Advantages of Jewelry Drawstrings:


Robustness may also be synonymous with jewelry drawstring bags, as long as they are made of high-quality materials. The rope that plays the main role in the drawcord closure is usually slightly thicker and therefore durable, so the bag can take a lot of weight.
Plus, if it's affected by daily wear and tear, it's fairly easy to replace.


Conducive to environmental protection
Yes, the Jewelry Drawstring Bag is reusable and therefore eco-friendly. But their eco-friendliness gets an extra boost if we choose biodegradable materials like jute, canvas, or cotton. Since we can also recycle these materials, custom drawstring bags are definitely a welcome green option.


Easy to customize and affordable
Finally, if you want to promote your business at trade shows, exhibitions, and other industry events, a jewelry drawstring bag can be an ideal promotional item. Since they are eco-friendly, they are sure to impress a wider audience and should be seen as a valuable giveaway that everyone can use.


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Even better, they usually offer plenty of space for artwork. Print your logo, marketing messages, and any other details you want to be remembered. Once they enter circulation, they will keep making new impressions for months and years to come!


What's the best part? They won't bust your budget or make you worry about how to afford other promotional items. Custom drawstring bags are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials. Essentially, there is a perfect option for any business, big or small, and any budget.


Jewelry Drawstring Bag Disadvantages
We've already mentioned one downside - the string may break at some point, rendering the bag useless.


Another potential problem is the appeal of having only one compartment. Some people don't want to use drawstring bags because they need to keep their essentials organized at all times. Also, since there is only one compartment, users have to rummage for their essentials while out and about. While some may not mind this, others may consider it a waste of time.



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