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How to locate custom tote paper bag tones?

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  • August 27, 2018

As the beauty market continues to expand, the cosmetics brand's face value index has risen steadily. If you effectively increase the value of cosmetics? Cosmetic custom tote paper bag may be able to solve this problem for you.

Custom tote paper bag is not only fast update, design avant-garde, but also the processing technology level is getting higher and higher. Cosmetic custom tote paper bag first requires no chemical or biological reaction with the content; secondly, it is convenient to use and has certain durability. And then there is a good marketing effect. Therefore, many products not only sell effects, but also sell fashion and culture. Often cosmetics custom tote paper bag attracts consumers with a series of bottle types that are exquisite and changeable, and elegant materials, especially perfume products, which are used to seize the market with their unique perfume bottles. Therefore, in the foreign market, all famous perfumes will be designed by famous teachers, from modeling, material, decoration to perfection, to ensure that the products in the market can cause strong repercussions to ensure their brand status.

custom tote paper bag
Positioning cosmetics custom tote paper bag


custom tote paper bag


  When it comes to the color of cosmetics custom tote paper bag, the color tone of cosmetic packaging is generally determined according to the sales target of the product, and the positioning is getting finer and finer. The products for women are mostly warm, soft, noble and elegant. The color is mostly Women's favorite colors, while reflecting the elegance of women's products, of course, some cosmetics are unconventional with strong colors for comparison, such as Yuxi cosmetics are Chinese red and pure black, and gold packaging products, the entire series of packaging is elegant, luxurious, Passionate and exquisite in the packaging, its products stand out in many cosmetic packaging. For men, black, dark blue, silver and other large colors are often used to show the male's strength and mystery. Children's cosmetic packaging uses a delicate pink color that matches the image of the child.


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