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5 Things to Note When Designing Drawstring Bags

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  • May 18, 2018

First: Drawstring bags must be clear about what materials are used to make this template. Because if we design a bag Drawstring bags, do not know what material is used to do, then how can we talk about Drawstring bags? To know that different materials are out of the Drawstring bags, the out-of-line methods are different, or that some raw materials are simply not suitable for Drawstring bags of certain structures and processes. For example, if you want to use a very hard material to make discounted pockets, it is obviously not appropriate.

Drawstring bags factory

Second: Drawstring bags must be clear about the size and shape of the Drawstring bags. Think about it. If you don't know the size and shape of a bag Drawstring bags, then what about Drawstring bags? So how do you set the shape and size of Drawstring bags?

Third: When the bag Drawstring bags design out of play, after clarifying the above two points, it is necessary to determine what kind of craft should be based on the Drawstring bags material, of course, here also depends on what the bag Drawstring bags Style and route too.

Drawstring bags factory

Fourth: When the bag Drawstring bags design out of the box, after ascertaining the above three points, you can determine the structure of the bag Drawstring bags, that is, we often say that Drawstring bags outspoken. That is to say: the combination of several plate materials for a bag Drawstring bags, through the relevant process to produce a finished Drawstring bags you want.

Fifth: Drawstring bags design version, after clarifying the above four points, it should determine the color of the bag Drawstring bags. Any product is inseparable from the color design, bags Drawstring bags is the same, in general, before and after the bag Drawstring bags is the main material color, the bottom and the inside of the bag, as well as the zipper paste are the ingredients color, etc., in which the general ingredients The color is darker than the main color.

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