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Custom drawstring pouch how to grasp the user psychology?

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 02, 2018

Custom drawstring pouch design is an important content that many businesses are paying attention to now, mainly because there are more and more jewelry products on the market, and the competition is getting bigger and bigger. Custom drawstring pouch can play a certain value-added role, the same piece of goods in the drawstring pouch packaging and there is no drawstring pouch packaging there is a considerable difference, from the sales point of view, good drawstring pouch packaging can promote enjoyment; from the market competitiveness In view, the use of custom drawstring pouch can enhance competitiveness in similar products and enhance consumers' desire to purchase; from the perspective of gift giving, it can enhance the taste more face.

Custom drawstring pouch

Therefore, we can't just increase the sales volume by the quality of the products. We can get better sales through the outer packaging of the jewelry products. Therefore, how to design the custom drawstring pouch is also a concern of our Boyang designers. 

Custom drawstring pouch design needs to have a heart, although there are a lot of custom drawstring pouch on the market, but there are not many packaging forms that can make consumers shine, because the innovation of these packaging designs is not enough, so the competition is fierce In the market, the sale of jewelry products will be affected to varying degrees by these packagings.
Custom drawstring pouch is relatively more complicated than ordinary packaging design. No matter from the choice of materials, the use of technology is more complicated than ordinary packaging. The same grade is also relatively high-end, in line with people's pursuit of new, beauty, and demand. Change the common psychological characteristics. Therefore, when designing the custom drawstring pouch, we must proceed from the perspective of innovation. Only innovation can better “stimulate” the eyes of consumers, so as to better break through the homogenization and better enhance the products. Sales.




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