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How to make bracelet fastener travel pouch?

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 03, 2018

What You Need make bracelet fastener travel pouch

Pot Holder

Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine


What You Do

1 make bracelet fastener travel pouch Fold the pot holder in half as shown.

travel pouch whosale

2. make bracelet fastener travel pouch,On the left edge, stitch from the fold, across the opening, to just around the corner. Back stitch a few stitches if you’re using a sewing machine.

Travel Pouch wholesale

3. Stitch across the right edge the same way, and just around the corner.

4. Fold the potholder loop across the opening to see where the button needs to go.

Travel Pouch wholesale 

5. make bracelet fastener travel pouch,Attach the button far enough from the edge that you have to stretch a bit to put the loop around it. If the button is too close to the edge, the loop won’t stay fastened.



make bracelet fastener travel pouch,You could decorate the pot holder before you stitch it, by adding an initial, flower, or buttons.

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