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Custom velvet pouches were the most popular forms of printing

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  • January 02, 2019

With the continuous development of social demand and production technology, more and more applications have been applied in various fields of our life. People's requirements for the custom velvet pouches for printing delicacy and environmental protection have been continuously improved, and many new velvet bag printing methods have emerged.In this article, we mainly introduce several printing methods of flannelette bags that are most commonly used by flannelette bag manufacturers in the production process.


Custom velvet pouches were the most popular forms of printing


1.Watermark velvet pouches:
Named for its use of water-based elm pulp as a printing medium, the custom velvet pouches was more common in velvet bag printing, also known as printing.When printing, mix the color paste with water - based elastomer.Do not use chemical solvents when printing plate, can be directly washed with water.Its characteristic is coloring force is good, have strong cover sex and fastness, washable, basically do not have peculiar smell.

2.Silk-printed velvet pouches
Screen printing on the custom velvet pouches printing is the most widely used in doing a way, it will first in plate coated with light-sensitive materials wrist sheet base photosensitive film face flat on the work surface, will stretch good wrist net frame on a flat on the base, and then in net box in the photosensitive slurry and soft squeegee pressure coating peel off after dry fully plastic base, attached to the wrist of photosensitive film screen can be used for plate burning, after enhancement, dry will make printing screen.

3.Heat-transfer velvet pouches:
Heat transfer printing belongs to special printing in printing.The method requires an intermediate medium, that is, the first picture and text to the heat transfer film or heat transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to the velvet pouches by heating the transfer equipment.

The above three are velvet pouches manufacturers in the process of producing velvet pouches use the most of the three printing methods, specific to which printing method is based on the actual situation.Some are required by the customer to use which printing method, and more often is the velvet pouches manufacturers according to the customer's sample velvet pouches patterns and text to decide.




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