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Velvet jewelry pouches materials, categories, and features

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  • January 05, 2019

Production material

Velvet jewelry pouches can be made of velveteen under nylon;Velveteen with knitted soles;Cotton backing velveteen, duplex velveteen, plush, etc.This is only the most commonly used, other major materials such as: bead velvet, gemstone velvet, electronic velvet, suede can be made suede bags.


Velvet jewelry pouches can be divided into nylon velvet bags, knitted velvet bags, silk velvet bags, cotton velvet bags, plush velvet bags, velvet velvet bags according to the production materials.According to the type of lock rope, it can be divided into lock chenille bag, pull chenille bag, bundle chenille bag, single chenille bag and pull chenille bag.


custom velvet drawstring pouch 

Product features

1.Good practical performance.Velvet jewelry pouches material can withstand screen, hot stamping, hot silver, embroidery, heat transfer and other printing processes, can print various l patterns on the bag surface, enrich product content, make product appearance fit the application.

2.lightweight and portable.The flannelette itself is light in material and the sewn bag is light in quality.It is flexible, convenient and compact.

3.Velvet jewelry pouches has a soft touch.High flexibility and wear resistance, durable.



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