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What are the details of the Portable cosmetic bag customization?

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  • October 17, 2018

Portable cosmetic bag is a bag for use outside, so the quality of Portable cosmetic bag should be strictly controlled. How can we judge whether a Portable cosmetic bag is good or bad? What are the details of the Portable cosmetic bag customization?

Portable cosmetic bag

1Portable cosmetic bag material selection.

Portable cosmetic bag features a small size, so the choice of lightweight materials will not cause a burden on the travel, but the light needs to be quality, Portable cosmetic bag is a travel essential, wear resistance and waterproof performance are very good, Generally, nylon materials, polyester materials and PVC materials are also available.

2Portable cosmetic bag accessories.

The zipper, slider and handle of the Portable cosmetic bag are the most important accessories. The zipper should be waterproof and zippered, and it should be tight and seamless. The majority of the manufacturers will choose the double puller because it is convenient. Place the toiletries and the space will be greatly increased; the handle is the most important place in the Portable cosmetic bag. After customizing the Portable cosmetic bag, the company should check whether the handle of the handle is treated twice to ensure the degree of force. the size of.

Portable cosmetic bag

3Portable cosmetic bag storage space.

Cosmetics are generally very fragmented, so the design of the Portable cosmetic bag is based on clever, the professional Portable cosmetic bag will be designed with multiple layers to better classify the cosmetics. Generally, it can store cosmetics, convenient tableware, and sample medicines.

The above is the key point of the Portable cosmetic bag. When you customize the Portable cosmetic bag, you can easily complete the promotion by paying attention to the above basic points.




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