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Canvas drawstring bag advantages and collocation.

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  • Jimmy at
  • October 15, 2018

If we can pay more attention to the various combinations of girls, we will find that they like the canvas drawstring bag whether they are going out or going to work, rather than all kinds of bags, why? The author takes you today to discover why many girls are so fond of the canvas drawstring bag.

canvas drawstring bag

1. How to match canvas drawstring bag style

If the backpack package we need to consider today's overall clothing mix, the canvas drawstring bag does not have to consider so much, whether you are working ol, or a sweet date, or a street cool girl, canvas drawstring bag is forever There is no wrong choice. Moreover, the canvas drawstring bag has too many styles, and the price is cheaper than the bag, so even if you are tired of this canvas drawstring bag, you can quickly change another one, so that your mix will always be fresh.

canvas drawstring bag

2. canvas drawstring bag capacity is great

Sometimes we carry small bags, we will find that although it looks good, but it is too impractical, often loaded with a charging treasure has filled this bag, not to mention makeup cosmetics and other things. Korean girls pay attention to practicality, and they will make makeup at any time, so the large capacity of canvas drawstring bag will naturally become their heart's love, in addition to the usual charging treasure, the key, can also hold a cosmetic bag, Even an umbrella is naturally used to carrying it every day.

3. canvas drawstring bag easy to clean

If you accidentally drop a drink or oil on your own bag, it will be 10,000 times more painful, and it will be too troublesome to wash. It is even expensive, but the canvas drawstring bag has no such troubles, just like ordinary clothes. Throw into the washing machine, not too long, just like the new canvas drawstring bag, super easy to clean, especially suitable for the little sloppy type of girl, no longer have to worry about the bag dirty.




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