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Where is the jewelry pouches better than the jewelry box?

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  • Jimmy at
  • December 04, 2019

Jewelry pouches are used more and more than jewelry boxes. Most jewelers want to use cotton bags to store their precious and expensive jewelry. Most jewellery manufacturers and jewellery wearers have rarely used cardboard jewelry boxes because they prefer to use velvet drawstring pouches for their diamond-set rings and earrings. Why is this?


1. Simple and Convenient: If you are going to a friend's wedding, the decorations must include jewelry and accessories worn at the wedding. However, keeping the jewelry box will take up space. Instead, with jewelry velvet, you can store a bunch of your favorite jewelry without wasting any space.


Beautiful jewelry pouches


2. Better protection of jewelry: jewelry box is easy to crack and crack, if the jewelry box cracks, it will damage your jewelry in the long run. In contrast, velvet jewelry pouches are the ideal way to store accessories and also ensure their safety and protection.


3. Take up less space: Anyone will be happy to decorate vanity with their own collection of jewelry and accessories, but the boxes stacked with jewelry boxes don't look attractive, but look cluttered. Instead, you can choose to store your precious accessories in beautiful-looking velvet jewelry pouches that look attractive in your collection.


4. Multiple uses: Using jewelry pouches for other purposes will bring some fun, for example, you can use it to store nail kits, sewing kits, business kits, loyalty kits, first aid kits and stationery.


5. Cheaper: Jewelry boxes are more expensive to make and buy. Instead, velvet pouches will provide the perfect solution for those looking for cheap jewelry pouches.


The above are the five aspects that jewelry pouches are more popular with. Of course, there are many people who prefer jewelry boxes. I believe there are many reasons. Welcome to communicate with us.