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Christmas is coming, are you ready to drawstring bag with gifts

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  • December 17, 2019

It will be Christmas in a few days. Do you feel excited to spend Christmas with your family? Remember to prepare gifts for children in advance. We can pack gifts in boxes or socks. Have you ever packed gifts in drawstring bags? Packing gifts with drawstring bags, pulling the mouth of the bag, hanging it on the Christmas tree, and letting the children choose, this may be a very small attempt.



three characteristics of velvet pouches



There are three characteristics of velvet pouches:

1. good practical performance. Velvet jewelry pouches can withstand a variety of printing processes such as silk screen, hot stamping, hot stamping, embroidery, and thermal transfer printing. It can print various patterns on the bag surface to enrich the product content and make the product appearance fit the application.


2. Lightweight and portable. The flannel itself is light in weight, and the sewn bag is light in weight; it adopts the rope closing method, which is flexible and convenient, small and exquisite.



custom cotton pouch



3. velvet jewelry pouches feel soft. High flexibility and abrasion resistance, durable.


Of course, you can also use cotton pouch, cotton pouch can be antistatic, non-ball, no frustration, no curling, cotton linen is sewn with pure cotton, no free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deform, can not afford to ball.


Before Christmas is approaching, you can customize the drawstring bags to hold gifts in advance and give your family a big surprise.