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Why promote eco friendly bags?

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  • October 13, 2018

The package should be easy to reuse or easy to reclaim. This is the current stage of eco friendly bags
The most practical step in the material is one of the most active waste recovery methods. Polyester beverage bottles, milk bottles, and glass beer bottles currently used can be reused many times. Unable to repeat as much as possible, the ablation is formed from scratch.

eco friendly bags

In order to reduce the environmental damage caused by packaging waste, China put forward "eco friendly bags" as early as 10 years ago.
Concept. eco friendly bags
Coordinated maintenance of the two meanings of environment and capital regeneration, in detail:

Packaging reduction. Eco friendly bags
Under the conditions of satisfactory maintenance, convenience, and sales, the amount should be reduced as much as possible.

eco friendly bags


Packaging waste can degrade and decay, and does not constitute a permanent waste. The world is studying degradable plastics to solve the serious environmental problems caused by the current failure of plastics to degrade. The principle of degradation is to make the plastics decompose and degrade in the natural environment through the microbial effect in the soil and water or through the effect of ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, and finally enter the ecological environment from the beginning in a non-toxic way and return to nature.

eco friendly bags

Eco friendly bags materials should be harmless and non-toxic to humans and organisms. The rich toxic elements, heavy metals, or rich content in the packaging materials should be controlled below the relevant specifications.

Packaging products from the collection of raw materials, processing, production of goods, the use of goods, waste recycling, until the ultimate process of the entire process should not pose a public hazard to the human body and the environment.




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