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Do you know about this knowledge of velvet bags?

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 16, 2018

The velvet bag is made of a rich fluffy cotton fabric after brushing. Single cashmere and double-sided velvet. The single-sided velvet is mainly composed of twill, also known as velvet; the double-faced velvet is dominated by plain weave.

 The velvet cloth body is soft, the touch feels comfortable and warm, and the material of the velvet bag is suitable for winter underwear and pajamas. The flannel printed with animals, flowers, and fairy-tale images is also known as velvet, which is suitable for children's use.

This color cashmere, bleached cashmere, cashmere, sesame cashmere can also be used as winter clothing, gloves, shoes and hats folder and so on. 

The velvet bag's nap is repeated by pulling the machine wire needle tip several times to form a part of the fiber on the surface of the cloth, and the nap is required to be short, dense and uniform. The printed fleece is brushed prior to printing, and the bleached and variegated flannel is finally brushed. The warp yarn used for the grey cloth of the velvet bag should be fine; the weft yarn should be thick and have less twist.


The weft yarns should be made of coarse cotton fibers with good uniformity. The fabric has a small density and a large weft density so that the weft yarns appear on the surface, which is favorable for the weft yarns to form a full and even pile of cotton fibers. 

After the velvet is brushed, the loss of weft strength is large, so it is very important to grasp the quality of the cotton yarn and the operation of the brushing technology. Velvet bag is a fluffy cotton cloth with single or double sided nap.



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