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Classic Print Favor Bags: for all kinds of small gifts

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  • August 14, 2018

This ivory fabric bag features a grey print and a natural cotton drawstring cord closure for re-use.

Available in two different sizes and four different designs, this sweet bag is a great way to showcase small items.


Classic Print Favor Bags


Good idea to use these packages

There are many ways to use Classic Print Favor Bags. Their favor for ending the wedding party is very cute.

Are you a professional photographer? Display your customer's final photo selection on a USB drive in one of the trunks.

If you are a real estate agent, consider presenting your key to your new home in the Classic Print Favor Bag.

For jewellery manufacturers, bracelets and necklaces fit perfectly into these discount bags.

Are you a gardener? Share seeds with friends and loved ones for safekeeping.

Need an attractive way to include small items in a gift basket presentation? Put small items in these bags and put them in the basket.

Classic Print Favor Bags


Soapmakers will like these bags to hold their hand-made pieces.

Retailers will like them as resale merchandise, gift card packaging, or as a quick way to make cute carry-on gifts next to the cash register.

of course yes
Any small gifts, accessories or handmade items will be particularly fascinating in the Classic Print Favor Bag. Buy our handbag collection.

We would love to know how you use them!



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