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What are the advantages and disadvantages of white jewelry velvet bags?

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  • February 19, 2020

There are many types of jewellery bags. Jewelry velvet bags are a common type of bag. Because of its soft fabric, it can protect jewelry well and avoid being bumped. Jewelry velvet bags are used more and more. Jewelry velvet bags are usually black and white, but also other colors. This article mainly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of white jewelry velvet bags.


white jewelry velvet pouches


1. Disadvantages of white jewelry velvet bag:
Although the white jewelry velvet bag has many advantages, nothing is perfect. The white jewelry velvet bag is no exception. It also has certain disadvantages. We usually like to wear white clothes and white shirts, but when we wash it, it is very good. Trouble, the white jewelry velvet bag is the same, it is more troublesome to clean, because white is easy to stain, so we should pay attention to its cleaning problems.


2. The advantages of white jewelry velvet bag:
Everyone knows that white represents purity, and using white jewelry velvet bags to package products naturally can better reflect a pure and noble quality. When making white jewelry velvet bags, you can also print various types on the surface The colorful patterns not only increase the original color diversity of the product, but also give people a beautiful visual sense. Another advantage is mentioned at the beginning of the article, the jewelry velvet bag is thick and soft, which can better protect the jewelry from being hurt.


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