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Tips for distinguishing genuine and fake velvet bags

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  • Jimmy at
  • February 22, 2020

Velvet bags are more common in jewellery bags and have a higher usage rate, but when you wholesale velvet bags, do you know how to distinguish genuine and fake velvet bags? Generally speaking, there are a lot of wholesale velvet bags. If you do not master the skills of distinguishing genuine and fake velvet bags, it may cause great losses. here we come to find out.


wholesale velvet bags


The main materials of velvet bag are nylon bottom velvet, knitted bottom velvet, cotton bottom velvet, double-sided velvet, plush and so on. Like non-woven bags and canvas bags, velvet bags are also a type of environmental protection bag. In recent years, the velvet bag has become more and more widely used, not only for jewelry, but also for watches, cameras, power banks and other items. Because of the softness of the velvet bag, it can better protect the contents inside Will not be damaged.

There are many ways to distinguish between genuine and fake velvet bags. Here I say a technique is to use water detection, put the non-environmental protection bag in the water, and press it into the bottom. The environmental protection bag has a large proportion and will sink. You can also see if the material of the velvet bag itself is real based on your own experience.


I believe that many friends of wholesale velvet bags will have their own methods to distinguish genuine and fake velvet bags. Authenticity is only one aspect. Good quality and beautiful appearance are also important. If you need wholesale velvet bags, please contact us, where you can get the velvet bags you most want.




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