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What should I pay attention to when wholesale drawstring jewelry bags?

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  • Jimmy at
  • February 26, 2020

What should be paid attention to wholesale drawstring jewelry bags? I don't think every buyer is particularly aware of the details that need attention. Maybe you think that a small drawstring jewelry bag needs more attention? My answer is yes.


wholesale drawstring jewelry bags


For wholesale drawstring jewellery bags, the first thing you need to do is to confirm what material you need, what size you need, and whether it meets the standards used by my customer group. There is also a visual inspection of the drawstring jewelry bag and a texture test. If your drawstring jewellery bag is used to hold expensive jewellery, then you need to choose the material that matches it, such as cotton bags, flannel bags, and so on. If your drawstring jewelry bag is used to hold jewelry and jewelry boxes, it must be able to accommodate your jewelry boxes of different sizes. If you just use a drawstring jewellery bag to hold some ordinary-priced jewellery, there is no need for too many requirements on the material, and the size only needs the size commonly used in the market.


All in all, when the quantity of wholesale drawstring jewelry bags is very large, there is not much difference between custom made. After all, the number is large, and more is to consider a lot of details.




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