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What is the material of velvet bag?

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  • February 29, 2020

Velvet bags are widely used, and many businesses who need packaging bags will choose velvet bags, such as jewelry bags, shaver bags, digital camera bags, and other electronic products. So what is the material of velvet bag? The materials are nylon bottom velvet, knitted bottom velvet, cotton bottom velvet, double-sided velvet, plush, etc. These are the most commonly used. Other less used materials such as beaded velvet, gem velvet, electronic velvet, and suede are all Can be made of velvet bag.


Custom velvet bags


Velvet bag can also be called bunch pocket, jewelry bag. Velvet cloth bags are called velvet cloth bags. They are a kind of cloth containers used to store items. Like non-woven bags and canvas bags, velvet cloth bags are also a kind of environmental protection bags. They can replace plastic bags. Is conducive to protecting the environment. Therefore, the demand and use range of velvet bags are getting larger and larger.


Velvet bags can be divided into nylon velvet bags, knitted velvet bags, silk-bottom velvet bags, cotton-bottom velvet bags, plush velvet bags, and flat-velvet velvet bags according to the types of materials they are made of. , Drawstring velvet bag, drawstring velvet bag, single rope velvet bag, etc.


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