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Can beautiful jewelry pouches stimulate your desire to buy?

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  • Jimmy at
  • January 20, 2019

Color is an important factor affecting customers' emotions. The rational use of color can encourage customers to purchase products tactfully.Therefore, for enterprises, it is an important pillar of visual marketing.Beautiful jewelry pouches can make products seize consumers' vision instantly in dazzling commodities, make customers know about the general characteristics and efficacy of commodities immediately, thus guide consumers to enhance their memory of brand and arouse their strong desire to buy.


Beautiful jewelry pouches


Starbucks changed its colors and used rainbow colors to attract customers and drive sales.Starbucks' previous pink, rainbow frappuccinos and gradient iced drinks have created a buzz on social media.See it is so colorful packaging printing, see you have not drool?


These color components can not only make the product attractive visual effect, but also often come from some plant ingredients. In addition to providing some unique flavor, the plant ingredients themselves are becoming more and more attractive to consumers.


As for how to choose beautiful colors and set off high-end products with beautiful jewelry pouches, we also need to see brand planning.Enterprises should take this relationship into account when dealing with their own brands or businesses.Choose colors that suit you.



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