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How to DIY bridal jewelry bags,custom jewelry pouches

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  • Jimmy at
  • January 17, 2019

Can bridal jewelry bags make their own?How about custom jewelry pouches?Stop worrying about it!Next, boyang will show you how to make bridal jewelry bags by DIY.


materials needed for custom jewelry pouches:

Leather material, punch, edge metal ring, ribbon, scissors, bowl, hole beads, pencil.


How about custom jewelry pouches


Specific steps of DIY bridal jewelry bags:


1. Find a bowl of appropriate size, pour it on the leather material, and draw a circle according to the size of the bowl mouth.
2. Press the circle and cut out the leather material.


3. Punch holes in the cut circular leather material at a superior distance, and clean with scissors.
4. Cover the perforation area of leather material with a metal rim, and fix it with a punch.


5. Use prepared filaments to thread up and down into these circular holes and finally gather in the same hole.
6. The rough side of the leather material is facing inward. Tighten the ribbon and make it into shape.
7. The ribbon is wound around the shaped jewelry bag, and then put your own jewelry or other decorations on the ribbon, and then tied as shown in the picture.


8. Let go of the looped ribbon and cut off the excess in place.


Ok, a fine jewelry pouches!Custom jewelry pouches should choose your favorite color and prepare relevant materials. I hope you can make your own satisfactory jewelry pouches!



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