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Custom drawstring pouch the most detailed analysis

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  • July 13, 2018

The custom drawstring pouch product analysis report focuses on the company's existing products and target customer groups.

1, custom drawstring pouch product is what
The company's existing custom drawstring pouch is mainly based on cloth packaging, mainly used for product packaging and storage. Product

Details are customizable, including: style, material, size, drawstring, etc.

custom drawstring pouch

2, custom drawstring pouch product overview

 Product category: bundle pockets and tote bags.
 Custom drawstring pouch product style: single pumping, double pumping, double pumping round bottom, double pumping fungus, double pumping fungus round bottom, double pumping wood
Round bottom, double pull backpack, tote bag.
 Custom drawstring pouch material: cotton (cotton cloth, old coarse cloth, fine canvas, thick canvas), linen (linen,
Yellow imitation linen, white imitation linen, yellow linen) In addition to polyester cotton material, as well as pure polyester material.
 Custom drawstring pouch product size: size can be customized

 Custom drawstring pouch product printing process: screen printing, thermal transfer

custom drawstring pouch

 Custom drawstring pouch product work details: the line is neat and fine, the cloth edge is folded inside and the seam is reinforced.
 Custom drawstring pouch product sales: the overall sales of the integrated store, the top five are: fine canvas, color canvas,
Yellow imitation linen, old coarse cloth, linen bundle pockets. The top five are: handbags, linen, linen
Pumping pockets, double-waxed wooden canvas, old canvas single drawstring pocket, drawstring backpack
 Shop explosion products: fine canvas bundle pockets, custom tote bags

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