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What do I need to prepare before printing on a custom drawstring pouch?

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  • July 16, 2018

Every company has a variety of promotional materials, custom drawstring pouch, product descriptions, etc., and most companies do not know how to print, and can not completely prepare the required materials before printing, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble. Here we will focus on the needs before printing.

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Before you prepare for printing, you must first choose the printing method, because the paper, ink, and printing machine used in each printing method are different, the process is different, the printing effect is different, the information to be provided is not the same, and the printing price is not the same. Such as general advertising pages and company's product introduction choose ordinary offset printing (referred to as offset printing), corrugated packaging can choose offset or screen printing (referred to as silk screen), custom drawstring pouch can choose gravure printing (referred to as gravure) or flexographic version Printing (referred to as flexo printing), giant color advertising printing can choose silk screen or large inkjet printing, curved objects can choose letterpress printing (referred to as embossing), gravure or silk screen and so on.

Custom drawstring pouch Before the production design, you need to prepare the manuscript and image draft (including the company logo and the registered trademark of the product). The image should be clear, preferably the reversal film, photo, not available. The printout from the printer is used as the image original because of its low resolution and poor scanning effect. The color requirement (mainly the color that cannot be changed, it is best to mark the value of CMYK). If the page has been designed, it needs to be provided. Detailed layout, including page size, image size, text size and color, color block size and color, the color mentioned here is best to mark the value of CMYK.

Custom drawstring pouch own design page to pay attention to the choice of finished size. Before deciding on the size of the finished product, you need to decide how to use a few open machines to print, what paper to use (large or positive), a few pages can be placed on one sheet of paper. If the size is not suitable, a sheet of paper will be dissatisfied. Causes waste of paper.

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