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What kind of bottom material should be used for the drawstring jewelry pouch?

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  • January 31, 2019

The beautiful drawstring jewelry pouch is not only useful but also makes for good mood.So a lot of users ask me, what kind of base material should be used for the drawstring jewelry pouch?There are many professional knowledge points involved here. As Boyang Packaging with 10 years of jewelry pouches wholesale experience, I would like to share the following contents with you.


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The flocking fabric can be divided into non-woven flocking fabric, spunlace flocking fabric, knitted flocking fabric, cotton flocking fabric and silk flocking fabric according to the substrates.So if you want to use it for the drawstring jewelry pouch, the non-woven and the burl because it's easily broken, it doesn't have much tenacity and it folds easily, so it's not good for that.So apart from those two there's also the knitted bottom, the cotton bottom and the silk bottom which are both good for both because they have a pull size and they don't break so they feel soft and comfortable after flocking and the bag that comes out is actually pretty good so it's preferred by a lot of manufacturers like the drawstring jewelry pouch and so on so I suggest you choose between the three.


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What is flocking fabric?Alleged flocking fabrics, it is with all sorts of cloth for
cloth of the ground, the face plants nylon nap or viscose nap, pass again bake evaporate with water treatment and become, velvet face is plump, feel downy, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, style is chic, the favour that wins consumer.There are more than 80 varieties of flocking fabrics, such as printing, color lattice, wicker, etc., with a cloth width of 150cm.This fabric has a wide range of USES. It is not only the ideal fabric for making winter suits, dresses and children's clothes, but also widely used in the field of home textile. At present, it is mainly used for sofa, cushion and cushion.Make dress, can keep warm already cold, can add a few charm smoothly again.Knitted flocking fabric can also be used to make scarves. It is mainly used for keeping warm and keeping warm. Middle-aged and elderly women are happy to enjoy it.


Now, having done that, do you have any questions about the substrate for the drawstring jewelry pouch?If you still have questions, you can click "Online Service" on the right side of the screen.



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