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Frequently Asked Questions for Jewelry Velvet Bags

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  • March 17, 2020

There are many names for Jewelry Velvet Bags. In the market, Velvet Bags are also called drawstring bags, jewelry bags, and jewelry bags. It is a container made of flannel material. As customers often encounter questions about Jewelry Velvet Bags, here, the Velvet Bags manufacturers have organized several questions and answers for your reference.


What is a Jewelry Velvet Bags?
Bags made of flannel materials are called flannel bags. They are a kind of cloth container used to hold articles, and they are a kind of environmental protection bags.


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What are the materials for making velvet bags?
The material of the flannel bag can be nylon bottom velvet, knitted bottom velvet, cotton bottom velvet, double-sided velvet, plush, etc. This is only the most commonly used. Other less-common materials such as: beaded velvet, gem velvet, electronic velvet, and suede can be used as velvet bags.
What is the type of Jewelry Velvet Bags?
Flannel bags can be divided into nylon velvet bags, knitted velvet bags, plush velvet bags, and velvet velvet bags according to the materials. According to the types of lock ropes, they can be divided into lock rope velvet bags, drawstring velvet bags, drawstring velvet bags, and single velvet Cloth bag.


Jewelry Velvet Bags wholesale


What are the main characteristics of the velvet bag itself?
1. Good practical performance. Jewelry Velvet Bags material can withstand a variety of printing processes such as silk screen, hot stamping, silver stamping, embroidery, thermal transfer, etc., and can print various patterns on the bag surface to enrich the product content and make the product appearance fit the application
2. Lightweight and portable. The flannel itself is light and lightweight, and the sewn bag is light in weight; it adopts the rope closing method, which is flexible and convenient, small and exquisite;
3. Jewelry Velvet Bags feels soft.




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