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How to choose a good flocking cloth for jewelry velvet bag?

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  • March 13, 2020

Velvet bags for jewelry are very common. How should we choose a good flocking cloth? We often encounter a customer's inquiry, and want to make a jewelry velvet bag, which one is better? Below, jewellery bag manufacturers will share tips on selecting flocking cloth for jewellery velvet bags.


Velvet bags 

Flocked fabric can be divided into non-woven bottom flocked cloth, spunlace bottom flocked cloth, knitted bottom flocked cloth, cotton bottom flocked cloth, and silk bottom flocked cloth. If used as jewelry velvet bags, non-woven fabrics and spunlace fabrics are not suitable, because these two substrates are not very tough, easy to break without stretchability, and easy to wrinkle, so they are not the first choice. In addition to these two models, there are three types of knitted bottoms, cotton bottoms, and silk bottoms. These three types of flocking fabrics can be used as jewellery bag flannels because these three substrates have good toughness. Lashen can be freely damaged.
However, the most commonly used jewellery bags are knitted fabrics and cotton fabrics, because jewellery velvet fabric bags have higher requirements on the quality of velvet fabrics and better feel. Silk fabrics are generally short-pile, and knitted and cotton fabrics can be planted with plush Short plush will have more selectivity, no hanging silk, good quality, and can highlight the high-end grade of the product. Therefore, knitted bottom and cotton bottom flocking fabric are used as the first choice for jewelry velvet bags and drawstring bags.



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