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How to get custom velvet gift pouch?

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  • July 26, 2018

In recent years, the demand and use of custom velvet gift pouch has become larger and larger. So how much do you know about the custom velvet gift pouch product description and production? Let's take a look at it.

Custom velvet gift pouch is also called bundle bag, jewelry bag, jewelry bag. It is a loading container made of flannel material.
           custom velvet gift pouch
Custom velvet gift pouch product description and production requirements

1. It can be designed and produced according to the size, color, shape, material, printing pattern and packaging provided by the customer.

2. Optional materials for yarn bags: ordinary pearl yarn, crystal yarn, two-color pearl yarn, two-color crystal yarn, straight yarn, etc.

3. In stock of pearl yarn fabrics up to 200 kinds of colors, ordering stock color does not need to be ordered, can be produced according to customer color.

4.custom velvet gift pouch Available stock sizes: 3x4, 4x6, 5x6-1/2, 6x9, 6x13, 7-1/4x14x3 inches.

5.custom velvet gift pouch available rope/strap material: tassel, ribbon, Korean silk, twisted rope. The ribbon can be stamped on the ribbon or silk screen according to customer requirements.

6.custom velvet gift pouch can be stamped or silk screen according to customer requirements.
           custom velvet gift pouch
7. Beaded, lace or bow on the bag according to customer requirements.

8. Product use: The products are widely used in holiday decoration, gift craft packaging, fashion accessories and so on.

9. Other exquisite gift decoration bags to choose from are: satin bag, custom velvet gift pouch, glitter bag, mesh bag, cotton bag, linen bag, PVC bag, green shopping bag, cosmetic bag, heat transfer Bags, hot drilling bags, etc.

10. Prices are based on size, materials and specific requirements.



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