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Jewelry Packaging Manufacturer: How to deal with discoloration of alloy jewelry?

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  • June 05, 2018

A lot of Ladies are worried about a problem, the alloy will wear for a long time to change it, the answer is definitely yes, sterling silver is too long to wear oxidation. But as long as you are properly maintained, the alloy can shine bright every day. As a manufacturer of jewelry packaging bags, I summarize the following points:

1. Don't let your alloy jewelry touch water. 

2. When not wearing, try not to place it in contact with air, such as in a sealed pocket or sealed box. 

3. Do not use bleach. Chlorine in bleach can cause pit marks in alloys, decompose alloys, and even attack welds.

4. Avoid washing powders, cleaners and toothpastes containing abrasives. 

Some Ladies are worried about whether the alloy will be allergic, the alloy ear hook plating, the average person is okay, but the metal allergy suggest that you carefully or do not wear the current Korean fashion jewelry are alloys oh.

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Alloy jewelry maintenance methods: Alloy jewelry does not require the use of very expensive maintenance of water for maintenance, as long as the acid and alkali and damp environment can be avoided, the wet environment includes: bath, wash your face when not equipped with, do not wear a lot of sweating, Before storing, dry it with a dry cloth. 

When the jewelry is not worn, it should be put in a sealed jewelry box. A desiccant should be placed in the jewelry box.

Specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Jewelry is often replaced. The same piece of jewelry should be worn for a long time. Especially in hot summer, the jewelry plating is exposed to sweat for a long time and it is easy to erode. Therefore, it is best to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for frequent replacement. In everyday life, necklaces, earrings and other accessories are generally taken care of.

 In fact, these ornaments are easily damaged. Care should be taken to protect them. Do not wear them to take a bath, wash your face, or be close to detergents. It is best to remove the jewelry beforehand; soap or It is the alkali or chemical substances in the hand sanitizer that will affect the gloss of the jewelry. Moist water also makes it easy for them to be contaminated. 

In particular, for complex jewelry, dirt is more likely to accumulate in the gap. Take off during swimming so that you do not run into seawater or pool water. Chemical changes occur on the surface.

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2. Contact with chemicals, jewelry is easily damaged, aromas during bathing, chlorine in swimming, salt in seawater will cause corrosion marks on jewelry plating, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.

3. Jewelry collision is easy to wipe flowers, store it carefully, do not overlap jewelry, should be stored in the original packaging bag or placed in a separate small box jewelry box, avoid rubbing each other and rub the flower surface.

4. From time to time to clean the jewelry, use a soft-bristled brush to sweep the surface of the jewelry, so that the jewelry removes surface stains. To keep your jewelry alive, it is recommended that you apply a preservative to it. This preservative is a colorless nail polish. When you buy a beautiful piece of jewelry, use a colorless nail polish and apply it evenly to the surface. 

If you wear it in a transparent raincoat, you will not be afraid of air and sweat. The principle is like brushing a waterproof coating on an item, especially when the jewelry buckle is easily worn out, and it is necessary to apply several layers of protection. Of course, this preservation is time-limited. Once the nail polish falls off, it is necessary to replenish it with a layer and not give it a chance to re-explore the air.

 The way to save time is to take care of your jewelry by putting your nails on your hands and feet. If you are interested, you may try it!

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