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What is the difference in the material used for the velvet drawstring pouch of high quality?

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  • December 19, 2018

The pouch made of velvet drawstring pouch is called velvet drawstring pouch.Like non-woven bags and canvas bags, velvet drawstring pouch is one of the environmentally-friendly bags. Along with the national prohibition of plastic bags, velvet drawstring pouch is more and more needed.And at this stage, we can see that there are a large number of enterprises to make full use of the opportunity to ban plastic, to the general public issued environmental bags, flannelette bags.The pouch printed on these velvet drawstring pouch for the name and promotion of the enterprise is quite popular with customers.


velvet drawstring pouch

Velvet drawstring pouch can be made of nylon velveteen;Velveteen with knitted bottom;Cotton undercloth velveteen, duplex velveteen, plush, etc.This is just the most commonly used, other major materials such as: velvet velvet, gemstone velvet, electronic velvet and suede velvet are available for velvet drawstring pouch.Flannelette suitable for a variety of different printing processes, screen printing, hot stamping silver, rust, heat transfer, etc., are more suitable.Also suitable for a variety of different workmanship, car straight, sewing, reversing, etc.Can also be made according to the product of the mouth, zipper, portable and so on.


Velvet drawstring pouch does not pollute the environment at all;Flannelette bag is much stronger than non-woven, its fine grain printing imaging effect is very good, this is also stronger than non-woven;The velvet drawstring pouch fabric is soft for pouch folding and carrying;Because the flannelette bag is not easy to clean up the non - woven cloth.Velvet drawstring pouch is the best pouch for jewelry.





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