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What is the purpose of velvet drawstring bags?

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  • March 25, 2019

There are various drawstring bags in the market now, made of cotton and linen, flannelette, nylon, and so on.Among them, the most popular one is velvet drawstring bags wholesale. Below, jewelry packaging manufacturer solemnly introduces the characteristics and uses of velvet drawstring bags.

           velvet drawstring bags wholesale

1. Velvet drawstring bags are strong and feel good, so in velvet drawstring bags, we can carry things that need to be protected, like cosmetics and jewelry.


2. Velvet drawstring bags have excellent electrical properties.Good electrical insulation, nylon volume resistance is very high, high breakdown resistance voltage, in the dry environment, can work frequency insulation materials, and because of its water resistance, that is So that in the high humidity environment still has good electrical insulation.

           velvet drawstring bags wholesale


3. Velvet drawstring bags corrosion resistant, very resistant to alkali and most salt liquids, but also resistant to weak acids, oil, gasoline, aromatic compounds and general solvents, but not to strong acids and oxidants.It can resist the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol and weak alkali and has good aging resistance.Used as packing material for lubricating oil, fuel, etc.


4. Velvet drawstring bags are lightweight, easy to dye, and easy to shape.Nylon nylon fabric bundle pocket, light and simple in hand, very convenient travel.

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