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What is the latest packaging style for jewelry pouches drawstring?

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  • September 11, 2018

Nowadays, the adverse effects of the surge in packaging waste on the ecological environment are becoming more and more obvious. More and more consumers, especially the new generation of consumers, are increasingly aware of environmental protection. Whether the products provided by the merchants are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, their purchase behavior The impact is also growing.
    When it comes to packaging, it is nothing more than to highlight the value of the product, in order to make the product stand out. For example, skin care packaging, many people will be attracted by the packaging at first sight. Jewelry pouches drawstring design is a set of rigorous and difficult criteria, it follows the rules of the market, but also pay attention to control costs and improve profits.
    As consumers become more savvy and critical, it is increasingly difficult to win their trust in a product. In response to this change, the jewelry pouches drawstring and the designer's strategy is to show the product on the jewelry pouches drawstring is very sincere, let people feel that it is not only "real" and "the production process is very careful."

jewelry pouches drawstring

 Jewelry pouches drawstring color
    According to the color test, the pouches drawstring observes the object under normal conditions. At the time of initial observation, the color attracts 80% of the observer's attention, and the process lasts for about 20 seconds. Therefore, color determines the 80% of consumers' first impressions and is the most prominent element in product design. Colors that make your eyes look more comfortable have become the first choice for many brand designers, such as beige, white, light pink, and woody colors, which are soft and more acceptable.

jewelry pouches drawstring

   Material of jewelry pouches drawstring
    In addition to the seemingly comfortable colors, environmentally friendly and natural materials are also one of the characteristics of the current packaging. In the last two or three years, the jewelry pouches drawstring was hot. From a technical point of view, it has good elasticity, good toughness, and can be recycled. It is a very environmentally friendly packaging material, and it can reflect the natural simplicity of the product and the environmental responsibility of the company.
    In fact, many brands have paid attention to the theme of environmental protection from the beginning of the jewelry pouches drawstring design. Today, the “naturally comfortable” design trend is beginning to return to the consumer horizon. More and more personal care products are expected to return to real and natural materials, giving consumers a sense of trust and creating a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere. Moreover, more and more irregular handwritten fonts or scribbles appear on the jewelry pouches drawstring, which is like a hand-made graffiti, combined with a more environmentally friendly material. Every effort is made to show the realism and craftsmanship of the product, emphasizing that it contains human personality and temperature, and hopes to establish an emotional connection with consumers.

jewelry pouches drawstring

  The shape of the jewelry pouches drawstring
    More and more designers are considering not only how to make this brand easy to remember when considering the form or shape of the jewelry pouches drawstring, but also how to improve the efficiency of use and reduce the burden on customers. After all, the distinction between the product and the competitor, in addition to the value of the face, and its actual function, this also applies to the packaging.
    The change of items in the market, jewelry pouches drawstring, can often reflect people's attitude towards life, life is simple and natural, and it is not people's wishes.




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