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What is the role of custom drawstring pouch?

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  • September 10, 2018

What is the role of custom drawstring pouch? What is the impact of jewelry packaging on volume? The packaging of jewellery is now more and more upscale, and more and more ingenuity!

custom drawstring pouch


First, the storage of jewelry: custom drawstring pouch simple understanding is the bag of things, and custom drawstring pouch means to collect jewelry, jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., to concentrate. Custom drawstring pouch is a multi-functional custom drawstring pouch designed according to the needs of consumers. It is divided into several layers and each layer has a lot of squares. These are used to store jewelry and jewelry of different shapes and materials. The location is not only well organized, but also very convenient to take.

custom drawstring pouch


Second, to protect jewelry and jewellery: custom drawstring pouch is cut off with soft materials to avoid jewelry and jewelry being scratched, the most important thing is to prevent some jewelry jewelry from oxidative discoloration due to air and environmental factors.

Third, the decorative room: the beauty of the custom drawstring pouch is conducive to decorate the entire room, so that the overall design of the room is more artistic and artistic.

In summary, in addition to the above three points, in fact, custom drawstring pouch has a role is to reflect the girl's taste and aesthetics, custom drawstring pouch grade represents a taste; with the development of society, consumer taste is getting higher and higher The requirements for the custom drawstring pouch are also very high. Now the custom drawstring pouch not only has the above functions, but also has strong artistic and beautiful appearance, but the material is different and the taste is different.




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