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What is the role of wholesale drawstring pouch in the wedding?

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  • September 06, 2018

Whether you are in a luxury or simple affordable hotel, new people will be placed in advance in the hotel room for the wedding purpose wholesale drawstring pouch for guests to use.

Drinks and snacks

Your friends and family need to refresh in the morning, coffee in the hotel room to make your favorite coffee or take some freshly squeezed orange juice in the refrigerator, you can also add interesting soda in glass bottles or water.

There are any snacks in the wholesale drawstring pouch that you want, especially to reflect the theme of the wedding or your character.

2. Practical toiletries

Speaking of hangovers, throwing an over-the-counter painkiller can heal their headaches. Other practical things, they may have forgotten the packaging: mint or chewing gum, Bondi band-aid, antacid, dyed sticks, etc. But they like you to be prepared in the wholesale drawstring pouch!

3. Local characteristics

If someone comes to town for your wedding, this is also an opportunity for you to show off your neighbors. Buy some of your favorite local products, such as the olive oil you buy at the weekly farmers market or the bread you queued at the downtown store.

4. Wedding tour the next day map

Not just information about the direction and location of the wedding event. The biggest fun for your guests is to pick a place to eat food or what to visit at the next day, which may require some help. Write a suggested itinerary or highlight the map of your destination, then mention your favorite restaurants to pay attention to these tips (such as the best park to visit the waterfront or when to line up at a concert venue) and put it in your wholesale Drawstring pouch.

5. Sweet notes

Wholesale drawstring pouch can be written on a postcard or written in batches, even if you don't have a gift bag budget, in order to express your gratitude to your guests, write down the words of thanks.





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