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How to get a custom drawstring jewelry bag?

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 07, 2018

Years ago, I went to Hong Kong, where I bought a fine jewel. And got a custom-made drawstring jewelry bag instead of wrapping it up with a paper towel. I still have bags and have been amazed at the simplicity of their basic but functional design. Since then, I have produced the same bag billions of times. If you are a newcomer to sewing, this is a great little project, but there are many interesting and practical applications for anyone who sews. We will show you how to make a versatile and cute jewelry bag that is as good as the jewelry bag I got.

custom drawstring jewelry

The design of the bag is very simple and can be made almost immediately. With fabric, size and decoration changes, it can be as refined, stylish, functional or elegant as people want. Although my jewelry is used as a pouch for jewelry, it has many other practical uses. Like a small bag, you can put it under the pillow and wait for the lost tooth from the tooth fairy, or as a business card holder, iPad cover, cosmetic bag or coin purse. Look, I tell you it has a lot of uses! You are only limited by imagination.

custom drawstring jewelry

The first step is to customize the drawstring jewelry bag to choose the material you like, such as satin, flannel, cotton, etc., according to the style of your favorite style, and cut to the corresponding size.
In the second step, according to the requirements, print your own LOGO on the selected and cut materials, and then dry.
In the third step, the top side of the dried material is folded, and the portion of the drawstring is sewn by a machine.
In the fourth step, according to the requirements of the design drawing, the other parts of the material are folded, and the folded part is sewn on the machine.
In the fifth step, the already-sealed bag is cut into individual products, and the bag is manually turned out to the front.
The sixth step is to put a beautiful rope on the bag.
Such a beautiful custom drawstring jewelry bag is ready.


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