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How do you choose a manufacturer when you need custom jewelry pouches?

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  • January 12, 2019

In the current Internet era, many purchasers will look for manufacturers of customizable products through the Internet. When you want to buy custom jewelry pouches, you will see a large number of manufacturers on the Internet. How do you choose?


custom jewelry pouches

The following five factors should be considered:

1. Factory strength.Want to know factory actual strength, can understand through the website of the other side, how many years of industry experience have?How big is the plant?How many team members, etc

2. Technical strength.Whether you can design and manufacture products in line with the requirements according to the needs of customers, custom jewelry pouches also requires certain technical strength to meet the needs of customers.

3. Production cycle.In the process of custom jewelry pouches, time is very precious. If the production is too slow, it will delay your receiving time.

4. Mode of transportation.How long does it take for a manufacturer to deliver a product to you?Different modes of transport directly affect your receiving speed.

5. Excellent after-sales service.When you have custom jewelry pouches, you may encounter some problems and need to consult the factory. At this time, can the customer service staff of the factory help you timely

Above are the five factors to consider when you buy custom jewelry pouches, hoping to help you find a satisfactory manufacturer.



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