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What are the usual materials for the velvet drawstring pouch?

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  • January 14, 2019

The velvet drawstring pouch is also called the pouch for drawstring jewelry and pouch for jewelry.It is a container made of flannelette material.Whenever the bag container made of flannelette materials is called flannelette bag, it is a kind of cloth container used to hold articles, and it is a kind of environmental bag.

           custom velvet drawstring pouch

The main production material of velvet drawstring pouch is nylon velveteen, knitted velveteen, cotton velveteen, double velveteen and plush.Like non-woven pouch and canvas pouch, the velvet drawstring pouch is also a kind of pouch for environmental protection.In recent years the demand for and use of the velvet drawstring pouch has become wider and wider.

           custom velvet drawstring pouch


Knitted flocking fabric is soft in texture, moisture absorption, sweat and warmth, excellent elasticity, extensibility, smooth in handle, diverse in color, bold and bright in color, and plump in cashmere.Knitting flocking cloth is mostly used in velvet bags, packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, glasses boxes, watch boxes, display shelves, gift boxes, automotive interior.


For jewelry bags, jewelry bags and mobile phone bags, there is actually a lot of flannel which is suitable for the pouch, such as rayon flannel, mesh flannel and double-sided flannel. But the special elasticity of the knitted fabric can better highlight the protection function and the price is reasonable. It is actually the preferred velvet drawstring pouch for the velvet drawstring pouch.



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