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2018 custom drawstring bag design 9 major trends! (one)

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  • July 12, 2018

The trend is a mysterious thing. Some trends will remain for several years, while others will flash. There are also some that have evolved and evolved with the times. Custom drawstring pouch design is the driving force and result of this trend cycle - custom drawstring pouch design creates a personal experience (such as unboxing experience), this experience is to connect consumers and brands deeper.

1. Be simple, bold and clear Simple, bold, clear

Back to basics is a trend that recurs regularly. Yong will be better expressed and more attractive to customers. Lighten the elements used in the custom drawstring pouch design to enhance the product... as long as you can grab the point. In our fast-paced world, shoppers don't always have time to study every detail of a product. Custom drawstring pouch adheres to the basic requirements of our customers and ensures that we help our buyers make more informed decisions; our services can convey information and make your products more sparkling, more popular and easy to use.

custom drawstring bag design

2. Embrace custom lettering using handwritten fonts

Almost every designer likes to create their work by hand. We do this to get an organic effect: fluid defects - such as irregular lines or natural texture fills - can give the product a warmth and stand out, and distinguish it from digital design.

The warmth created by the custom drawstring pouch creates the emotional bond of the product, making the customer feel craftsmanship and health, or conveying a nostalgic feeling. Anyway, at the moment, we have seen a lot of regressions of the manual drawstring pouch.

3. Go wild with color using color

It is no secret that the colorful colors of custom drawstring pouch evoke people's emotions and influence consumers' purchase decisions. Therefore, the drawstring pouch color has always been one of the most important choices in the custom drawstring pouch design. Recently, we have seen designers show colors in new and exciting ways. Custom drawstring pouch bright colors and vibrant contrasts have begun to become beautiful scenery on the store shelves.

In particular, we have seen colors used to distinguish between different variations in a product line. Buyers may not remember the names or numbers of their favorite flavors, but they are sure to recall that the custom drawstring pouch is a bright turquoise or vivid purple. This brings color psychology to the new design of drawstring pouch: if you can use color effectively, you may not need words.

custom drawstring bag design

4. Repeat a pattern Using a repeating pattern

The use of well-chosen and beautiful patterns can make the ordinary custom drawstring pouch design even more outstanding. While the idea of repeating shapes seems simple, when used correctly, this approach can be dynamic and compelling.
Turning the visual theme of the captured brand essence into a repeating pattern can send a strong message to the consumer. Whether your pattern is bold or fun, patterning your custom drawstring pouch can create a strong identity that the customer will remember.

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